Pars Spawn, the exclusive agent of great worldwide companies in mushroom industry has been established in February 2004. It provides technical and full modernized imported equipment, mushroom spawn, machinery of phases 1 to 4 and consulting.


Pars Spawn has cooperation with Christiaens Group, Euroveen (BVB), NON, Amycel and SELO companies from the beginning of its establishment and it could present more than 21 technical consultations to the domestic farms by its experienced engineers and experts.


Our colleagues in Iran Ms.Hamraz, Ms.Ashjaei, Ms.Eghtedari, Mr.Ebadi, Mr.Shams, Mr.Ranjbar and Mr.Salehi are ready for necessary coordination with companies and clients about points of our activities.





. Importing various casing soil


. Importing various mushroom spawns


. Transferring up-to-dated technology in mushroom industry


. Making connections with specialists inside or outside of Iran


. Importing various machines of different phases in mushroom industry